"Process BI Analytics" Job Keeps Failing

Is your "Process BI Analytics" job failing with the following exception:

The conversion of a date data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value. The statement has been terminated.

This is likely due to one or more people in your database with a birth date prior to the year 1753 (SQL's minimum datetime). This looks like it will be fixed in v10.3 of Rock, but until then, you can find and fix these records by running the following SQL query from your Admin > Power Tools > SQL Query page in Rock: 

 CONCAT( P.[NickName] + ' ', P.[LastName]) AS [Person],
FROM [Person] P
WHERE DATEPART(year, P.[BirthDate]) < 1753

You'll need to either remove the person's birth date or change their birth year to something greater than 1753.