Limit Duplicate Phone Numbers Report to Specific Phone Types

In the Data Integrity > Reports section of your Rock site, you are able to view a report that includes "Individuals with Duplicate Phone Numbers". This report is useful for finding people within your database that have the same phone number as another person. Unfortunately, because it is common for multiple people to correctly share the same phone number, such as the same home number or business number, the report includes a lot of people who do not actually need to be updated. The core data filter used to find duplicates does not include an option for specifying specific phone types when looking for duplicates. Sun Valley Church wanted to be able to use this report to only show duplicate phone numbers of a specific type (i.e. mobile). To address this, we added a new custom "Duplicate Phone Numbers (By Type)" filter. This new filter is very similar to the core filter however, but it adds the option for specific phone types.


If you think your church would benefit from filtering by phone type, reach out to us on our Pillars contact form.