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Our Rock Foundation

Quality care is what Pillars stands for — something David Turner — Pillars Founder, has dedicated his career to. An expert in software development, David has spent almost 15 years devoting this practice to building customized Church Management Systems. In fact, David wrote the first lines of code for Rock RMS at the Spark Development Network when it was first created, and has worked on Rock ever since. This knowledge and experience is what enables David and his team to provide the high-quality Rock support you require.

"I know Rock is an amazing tool for churches, but I also know they are in need of practical help. This is what the team at Pillars focuses on delivering every day. Our role is to help with implementation and customization of Rock, but our job is to deliver relief and security to churches, and with that, the confidence to carry on with their mission."

David Turner, Founder of Pillars

Our Services

Implementation & Migration

Pillars will help you implement Rock securely within your church, refining the little details such as email providers, google map keys, online giving, etc.

We will also migrate your current Church Management data into Rock so you don't lose the foundations you have already built.

Customization & Development

Rock provides powerful tools to extend functionality beyond what's provided in its core. This includes adding new block types, creating custom workflow actions, adding new report filters and more.

Based on the needs of your Church, we will develop and customize Rock so it works effectively for you.

General Help

Pillars is here to provide the safety of hands-on support to implement and customize the Rock RMS platform inside your church.

Our Clients

These are some of the clients we have the pleasure of serving.

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